Childbirth Support Groups

Postpartum Circle


Life with a newborn is full of joys – and challenges! In our postpartum circle, you can talk through both with other moms walking the same road. Conversation is facilitated by a Care for Mom doula, who helps answer questions and identify resources that can make this major transition more peaceful for the whole family. Whether you’re exhausted, anxious or just unsure of yourself, come for comfort, encouragement and practical help through one of life’s most significant changes.

Upstate Breastfeeding Moms


Breastfeeding is a skill that can be practiced and mastered. Our breastfeeding support group provides the comfort, encouragement and information you need to meet your personal nursing goals. In the group, you’ll be able to ask questions, discuss concerns, and feed and weigh your baby, all with the assistance of Lauren Van Pelt, a registered nurse and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant. You’ll also be able to learn and share with other mothers who are developing the same skills.

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