My husband Bryan and I were looking for a doula to assist us in the birth of our second daughter.  I put a status update on facebook, asking for good doula recommendations in the Greenville area and within 1 minute, a local friend responded, “Susan Breisch!!!”

Let me briefly jump to the end of our experience with Susan to say that after our baby was born, my husband and I agreed that we wished we could afford to pay Susan double the amount she was asking us to pay for her services.  We could not have imagined being alone in the delivery room without her calm, uplifting spirit and wisdom.
I knew that a doula was supposed to be present with me during labor but I didn’t know that Susan was willing to be a resource in the days and weeks leading up to my delivery as well as after my baby was born.  When I had a doctor’s appointment and was told I should consider certain medical interventions my husband and I would then talk it over with Susan and learn what were our options. In the weeks following the birth, it was great to have Susan’s advice and emotional support as my baby and I greatly struggled with breastfeeding.
During labor, Susan was sharp and focused.  She never left my side.  She worked as a team with my husband and me, alleviating pressure and pain during labor and offering verbal affirmation or remaining quiet, whatever I needed to get through painful contractions.
Sharing such an experience with Susan made my husband and I greatly appreciate what she does, what doulas do, for pregnant women.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to know her and for the opportunity to have her by my side during the birth of my baby.  We recently moved out of state and have already talked about flying her to us should we have another baby in the future.
Lisa (and Bryan) Loney
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