Susan was kind enough to help me through the birth of my daughter Sophie 4 years’ ago. She was amazing, she spent a long time talking to me and my husband about what kind of birth experience we wanted for our child and together we formulated a birth plan. My main aspiration was to have as natural a birth as is possible nowadays in a …hospital environment without pain relief and with the ability to move around as much as possible. When it came to it, Sophie’s birth was induced 10 days after her due date but despite that, and a consequent very fast delivery, I still managed with nothing more than Susan’s expert encouragement and guidance. Going straight through the process in just over 2 hours, there is no way that I would have held out without the epidural without Susan (and of course my husband Phil). I still have great memories of being able to feel the whole wonderful experience of Sophie’s journey into the world – it was one of the best moments of my life. Thank you Susan.

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