Childbirth & Postpartum Services


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Birth Services

Babies don’t follow a 9 to 5 schedule – and neither do we. Our birth doulas are available any time, day or night, to join you at home, at a hospital or at a birth center and guide you through the birth process. Our birth doulas provide two prenatal meetings and attend your labor and birth, and a postpartum doula will follow you through the first six weeks after birth. We also are available to answer questions and provide guidance through the next nine months.

Birth Doula Package – $1395

Postpartum Services
Your first days at home with a new baby can be overwhelming. Our postpartum doulas walk in the door and immediately set to work to relieve the pressure. We change diapers, help establish breastfeeding, warm bottles, answer questions, help organize the nursery, and even cook dinner if needed. Whether you’d like help for a week or a month or more, one of our customizable packages is sure to meet your needs.


Welcome to the World – 3 visits (total of 12 hours) $500.00
Beautiful Beginnings  – 12 visits (total of 48 hours) $1,700.00
From Chaos to Calm  – 24 visits (total of 96 hours) $3,600.00

Night Owl Services

$275 – 8 hours

Giving birth is a big job and you’re going to be exhausted afterward. Our night owl care is designed to help the whole family get rest and recuperate after the main event. A hospital is a tough place to get adequate sleep. Our doulas can spend the night with you and help with all your baby’s needs. Meanwhile, your partner can take care of things at home and get a solid night’s rest knowing you and the baby are in good hands. We also offer night owl services at home.

“The Witching Hour” Services

$200 – 4 hours

Evening hours often are the most difficult for new moms. Many babies become inconsolable during the late afternoon or early evening, fussing for hours for no apparent reason. Our doulas provide help when you need it most. Whether that means walking with the baby or helping with dinner, we offer both the physical and emotional support the family needs. Take advantage of these four hours to get things done or simply soak in a hot bath with no worries about your new bundle of joy.

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