It’s already in the news, “flu season starts early; expectations are that it’s going to be bad.” So many practical things can be done to help prevent the spread of the flu.
First and foremost, people who are sick need to stay home. If it is necessary for them to go out they need to take every precaution they can to not spread their germs, such as covering their coughs with their elbow instead of their hands.
The best defense against the flu is a healthy immune system.

To boost your immune system:

  • Healthy eating: add raw foods, stay away from sugar, stay away from junk foods
  • Exercise
  • Reduce stress
  • Get outside in the sun daily
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Garlic and supplements
  • Sleep; extra if you know you’ve been exposed. Listen to your body. If you are feeling tired, stop and rest. Don’t try to push through!

Practical tips:

  • Don’t touch your face with your hands
  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, pay special attention to cleaning under your nails
  • Clean the surfaces that you touch: light switches, door knobs, phones, computer keyboards etc.
  • Air your house out whenever the weather allows you to open the windows.

I am opting out of getting a flu shot and using the above approach instead.

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