Babies are messy. Urine, feces, spit up, and milk will all now be a big part of your life. It’s important to differentiate, though, between messy and dirty. Babies do not get dirty in the way toddlers or small children do. They don’t touch every surface in a grocery store. They don’t sit in dirt driveways making smiley faces. A number of companies make it their business to ensure you think you need 10 different products to keep your baby clean. Warm water does a fine job. At most use a very mild, all natural soap. Washing baby more than once a day or with harsh soaps and shampoos can hurt baby’s skin. It’s also very unlikely they will need any sort of moisturizing cream or lotion. If baby’s skin looks dry, try coconut oil.

Pro tip: If bending over the side of the tub is uncomfortable, try the sink, or just get in the bath with the baby. Babies do poop in the bath sometimes, so this is a fair warning.  

Diaper changes are undoubtedly the biggest part of keeping baby clean. While disposables keep baby’s skin drier, cloth diapers have far fewer chemicals. It’s also worth noting that cloth diapered babies learn to use the potty faster. If you’re going for disposables, look for the ones that don’t have absorbent gel in them. If you have decided on cloth, a diaper service for the first month or two is very helpful. If you plan to wash your own, check with a local cloth diaper group to learn more about the myriad cloth diapering options and how to properly care for them. Whether you choose cloth or disposable, at some point baby will get a rash. Some get them more than others. Rash creams are also often filled with harsh chemicals. Coconut oil is sometimes all you need to get rid of a rash. If that doesn’t work, check with other moms or your pediatrician. If you are using cloth diapers, check with the cloth diapering group about which creams are safe for cloth diapers. Even some natural creams will destroy the cloth. 

Pro tip: Skip the packaged baby wipes! Buy a wipe warmer and fill it with little wash cloths, water, coconut oil, and a couple drops of tea tree oil. Baby gets a warm wipe free of chemicals!

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