Written by: Kim Nowokunski

The first days and weeks of caring for your new tiny bundle of love bring joy, happiness, pride, exhaustion, elation, raw emotions, bonding, LOTS of snuggling, and sometimes…..persistent back discomfort. Carrying a baby (or two or three!) along with extra weight, sometimes “waddling” for several weeks, can certainly cause a bit of back achiness to steal your attention! 

New mothers often ask if we know of special remedies to ease their postpartum back discomfort. While we do not give medical advice and do not “diagnose” the problem or source of pain, we do have suggestions for easing back discomfort that may feel like magic! As always, please ask your care provider before using any of these suggestions:

1. Moist Heat: a sock filled with rice, heated in the microwave for a couple of minutes, and applied to the aching area is an easy, convenient source of moist heat that feels wonderful.

2. Ice: a pack of frozen peas can do the trick.

3. A Warm Epsom Salt Bath: while someone else is enjoying the baby snuggles.

4. Magnesium Lotion: especially nice when a loved one massages it in just the right spot. 

5. Icy-Hot: a pain-relieving gel found at your pharmacy, generally good for muscle tension.

6. Use a TENS Unit: meaning….transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Many chiropractors sell personal units, and they are also available online and at most drugstores. There are many styles and prices to choose from. Just remember to ask your care provider before using one!

7. Postural Awareness: watch how you lift and carry your baby. Also consider your changing table, if it’s too low, it can increase your back pain over time. 

8. Try Wearing a Belly Binder: this is an elastic garment that wraps around your core to give extra support. Using a belly binder encourages you to be aware of good posture, which is especially important while your core is not as strong as it was before. It can be found online or in the maternity section of your favorite store.

9. Visit a Chiropractor or Acupuncturist: with your care provider’s approval of course!


We hope you find these tips helpful as ease into your postpartum period. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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