Often during a prenatal visit a client will ask me what I bring to a birth. Over the years as I’ve worked as a doula this list is always evolving and changing. When I first started I had a bag packed to the brim with every tool imaginable. But as time progressed I noticed that I used these things less and less and now I’ve pared my bag down to the necessities.


  • Mints, a tooth brush, and hair ties: a few things to keep you feeling fresh.
  • Essential oils: I keep a few but I mostly commonly use peppermint to help calm a queasy stomach.
  • A large scarf: this helps with positioning your sweet babe in the best possible way and becomes a great tool for pushing.
  • A fan: to help cool off a hot mama.
  • Snacks: to stay fueled throughout your labor and birth.


More than what I bring in my bag, is what I bring to the room. I bring knowledge and experience. I bring a calm spirit and an encouraging smile. I bring a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on when plans change. Perhaps the greatest of all is the confidence I bring — that you can do this and that you will be a great mom. 

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Written by Kelly Nichols, Doula

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