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It's the moment you've waited for! What now?

The happy countdown has begun – and Care for Mom wants the joy you are experiencing right now to continue through each stage to come.
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You can get lost in a sea of information

Many newly pregnant women are drowning in anxiety and too nervous to even enjoy their pregnancy. They get overwhelmed thinking about managing life with a newborn. That doesn’t have to be your story. With a Care for Mom doula at your side, you can be comfortable, peaceful, and confident through one of life’s biggest transitions.

Birthing Confidently Series

Birthing Confidently takes expectant parents through the entire process of preparing for the best, most natural birth for their baby. Our seven-week course will give you the information and confidence you crave as you anticipate the life-changing experiences ahead. We’ll cover topics such as nutrition and exercise during pregnancy, the basics of normal childbirth, labor coping techniques, common labor variations and interventions, breastfeeding, newborn care and postpartum recovery. You’ll be equipped to make the best decisions for yourself and your baby through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Education and Support Groups

Care for Mom offers a wide range of programs to educate and support expectant moms and new parents. Our free community classes are topics-based and designed to help you understand current issues related to pregnancy and parenting. Our postpartum and breastfeeding support groups provide safe, caring environments to learn and share during a transition that can be both joyful and overwhelming. Our fee-based classes provide in-depth training for you and your partner as you prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for the changes ahead.