Care for Mom is a collective of trained birth and postpartum doulas, a group of women who together offer decades of experience in childbirth education, labor support, and postpartum assistance. We serve expectant and new mothers throughout the Upstate. Our mission is to see that women giving birth in any setting have the best chance of achieving the experience they want and then caring for their newborns with confidence. We also are trained to support families who experience the loss of a child through miscarriage or stillbirth.

All Care for Mom doulas are committed to supporting positive birth experiences. But their varying specialties and methods give clients the chance to find a perfect fit for their unique needs.

“My goal is to empower women to have the birth they want so that they can look back on their birth story and smile!”


Kim Nowokunski

 “I love seeing new mothers find strength that they never knew they had.”

“I relish every opportunity I get to serve and support expectant mamas and families as they welcome their own little ones into the world. … It’s all a miracle to me!”

Hannah Sears

“It is of utmost importance that women understand their ability to make choices rather than be told what is going to happen to them.”

Kelly Nichols

“I love getting to know my clients’ needs and helping them have the best birth possible”

Kristin Hanna

“I’m calm, dependable and passionate about helping women achieve their best possible birth experience.”

Susan Breisch

“My job as a doula is to meet parents where they are and equip them with tools and information, helping them to find the best solutions to their unique challenges.”

Esther Lesiv

“I hope that my work makes the process of finding and hiring a doula as effortless as possible.”

“My photography allows me to support strong women on their motherhood journeys and get to know the most amazing people.”

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