“Birth is a powerful and vivid experience. I am passionate about honestly and artistically telling your unique motherhood story – the story of your strength in those hours of anticipation as you work to meet your child, the expression on your face at the exact moment when you see your baby for the first time, the way you pull them to your chest in triumph and relief, and the happiness that is palpable in the room.

Each birth is so unique and sacred – just like the baby it brings – and having professional photos allows you to go back and relive your own story in its entirety again and again so you can remember just what your little one’s tiny features looked like in those first moments on the outside, or show your child the immense love that they were born into.

In my 10+ years of professional photography work, I have photographed everything from portraits to weddings, but nothing has felt quite right until I documented my first birth. This is it for me. So much more than a job, my photography allows me to support strong women on their motherhood journeys and get to know the most amazing people. I am convinced that I have the very best clients and I love giving them images that they can cherish, even after their babies are big and grown.

When I’m not nerding out about birth, I can be found hiking in the woods with my family, building elaborate train tracks for my boys, trying my hand at macrame, dreaming up future travel adventures, or curling up on the couch with a good murder mystery.”

Photo cred: Upstate Birth Photographer, Angélique L’Allier

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