“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if there is ONE thing I’d recommend to expecting mothers, no matter how many children you’ve had before, and no matter your birth plan, hire a doula. This is The one person in the room that both A) knows what’s going on AND B) is the advocate for no one else in the room except you and your baby. You need someone in your corner.”

“Kelly Nichols has been in my corner for two of my births now. With my first, she supported my desire for an all natural birthing process and didn’t leave my side. When my second was past his due date, I shared with her my mental space and that I didn’t think I was in a good mental prepared space for another all natural birth. She encouraged me that I could do it but if it isn’t what I wanted, she would absolutely pivot and support me with whatever plan I chose. And that’s what happened. I choose an epidural, and she pivoted and backed me up. She helped me understand the process and what it would look like. She helped me turn over in bed. She and I gabbed through the whole night like teenage girls at a sleep over. We laughed and cried and talked, and then it was time to push and she helped hold me and cheer me on. I couldn’t be more thankful for her and the Care for Mom Doula Service.”

“Ps. Did I mention, hire a doula? And Care for Mom Doula Service is a great place to do that very thing!”


-Christy Van Steenburgh, April 2024

Kelly Nichols


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