There are many benefits to hiring a doula. Research repeatedly reveals that doulas bring value to the childbirth experience. Studies specifically underline that the presence of a doula decreases the use of medical intervention. Doulas provide the needed resources to prepare for a safe, physiological birth.


Be Prepared With a Birth Plan


Inviting a doula into a birth story is more than bringing an extra person into the birthing room. Meeting a doula prenatally allows parents to learn about their labor options. Preparing a detailed birth plan with the doula is key. In response, a doula will support the parents’ plan and reassure those decisions during labor.


Be Cost-Affective


Some parents do not consider doula care a necessity, especially since it involves another birthing expense. However, having a doula present has actually proven to be cost-effective. According to studies conducted by the National Library of Medicine, results show that

“women who received doula support have lower preterm and cesarean birth rates.”

Preterm births have higher medical costs than full-term births. And cesarean births cost double the amount of a vaginal birth.


Be Supported During Labor


Of course there are high-risk pregnancies that do require specific medical intervention. In these cases healthcare providers step in to medically manage the birth. This ensures the safety and health of both mother and child. Doulas also support all kinds of births. They assist with difficult questions regarding options and possible alternatives. During an emergency, parents can feel pressured into make certain choices. The soul purpose of doula care is to support pregnant and laboring mothers through the entirety of the process. This support spans across physical, emotional, mental and spiritual care.


Doulas will be beneficial no matter what type of birth awaits new parents. Whether it means being better prepared for birth, being cost-effective or having labor support, a doula’s job is to be by the mother’s side.

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