Having a baby and expanding your family can certainly be overwhelming. Not to mention confusing and exhausting! And we are here to help.

Hiring a doula to support you through pregnancy, birth and the first few months of life with a newborn can be the biggest favor you can “doula” for yourself.


Birth Doula


A birth doula helps you navigate the advice (both welcome and unwelcome) you are given during pregnancy and labor. She is compassionate and ready to provide you with educational resources and the information that you ask for.

A doula also provides a shoulder to lean on and an unbiased ear when emotional support is needed most! She gets familiar with you and your family and understands how to support you physically during your labor. Your doula is your one “constant” as you journey through pregnancy and childbirth. Her job is to help you have a very positive experience.

Evidence shows that when you have a birth doula the length of your labor may be shorter, you are less likely to ask for or need pain medication- such as Pitocin- and your chances of having a cesarean section are 30% less. With doula support your baby is more likely to have a higher APGAR score and successfully breastfeed. Your doula will help ensure and increase your overall satisfaction with your birth experience.


Postpartum Doula


A postpartum doula lovingly supports you in the early months with a new baby. She “mothers” YOU while you mother your baby! She listens to your birth story as many times as you need to tell it. She holds the baby while you nap, shower and eat a whole meal. She helps you with household chores, fixes light meals, and is a soothing presence as you transition into parenthood. Sometimes she even cares for the baby ALL night long and allows you to sleep through the night.

With the support of a postpartum doula you will benefit from an increased confidence in caring for your newborn, a decreased chance of anxiety, receive a boost in self esteem and generally improve your mental health! Even a few hours of postpartum support in the early weeks will allow you and your family to have a better bonding experience with your little bundle of love.

There are SO many reasons why having the nurturing support of a doula would be doing yourself a favor!





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