“This is my second time using Care for Mom Doula. (I’ve already written a google review when I used Kelly who was fantastic). This time I used Hannah. As I was a second time Mom I was just way less worried about the process and didn’t text Hannah 3 times a week so I just didn’t know her as well as I knew Kelly (I’d known Kelly years before asking her to be my doula). That being said in the two prenatal meetings I really got to know Hannah better and when it came down to the birth she was fantastic. Hannah has a really bright personality and is really engaging, my husband jokingly commented how he didn’t know how my birth would go since Hannah, myself and my best friend are all extremely loud individuals. That being said, you watch the recording and there was a sacred quiet that transcended that room. Hannah did a great job balancing myself and another client she had who was in labor. I never felt like I was less important and Hannah had a back up who took her place after my baby was delivered. Hannah helped me specifically by providing counter pressure and directing my best friend on what she could do (keeping the tub warm) while my husband focused on supporting me and I focused on birthing my baby. Also I want to thank Kim who was a calming and lovely presence who took Hannah’s place after my baby was delivered. She held my hand as I was having unpredicted complications. Overall I’ve now worked with 3 doulas from this company and they are all gems.”
-Grace Drury, January 2024
Hannah Sears
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