“My husband and I had our first child this summer. We decided we wanted a doula for our experience to ensure we had someone knowledgeable with us to help us achieve as many of our labor and delivery goals as possible. We wanted someone who knew and valued our goals while also being equipped to help us through unexpected decisions that can happen with labor and delivery. Prior to delivery she met with us several times and reviewed basics with us regarding pregnancy, birth plan, labor positions, pain management techniques, and more. Care for Mom also ensures a postpartum visit and weekly postpartum education.

During our hospital stay, Hannah was able to meet all of our expectations. She was able to help distract me from contractions as I transitioned and kept my breathing calm and controlled. My husband reflected on our labor and delivery and states he felt more confident and less alone knowing we had Hannah by our bedside.

After delivery she ensured we were able to take advantage of our golden hour and latch our hungry little baby almost immediately. It was also a bonus that she took time to take a couple photos while my husband helped me through pushing and when we met our baby for the first time. We didn’t hire a photographer but still managed to get some priceless candid photos.

I would do it all again and highly recommend hiring a doula for anyone who wants a little extra comfort knowing you have someone looking out for you (and your partner) while you focus on having your baby!”

-Standish Parker, September 2023


Hannah Sears

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