Somehow feeding a baby has become a controversial topic. You have to make a choice about how you want to feed your baby and make peace with the fact that others may not agree with your choice. Some people also feel entitled to share their opinions and tell you what you need to do differently. Decide what is right for you and your baby, then find a support network, and arm yourself with knowledge. Your confidence will end far more disagreements than your words. 

Breastfeeding is a wonderful option although it isn’t always easy! Breastmilk is nature’s perfect food for babies. The size of your breasts does not matter; women with all different sizes have successfully breastfed their babies. The most important factor for your success is support. The knowledge that was once passed from mother to daughter was lost in the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s when nearly everyone turned to formula. La Leche League has now become that support network. A doula or lactation consultant can also be a wonderful source for assisting new moms. Support from family, particularly your spouse, is also crucial. Inform everyone ahead of time that you will need their support and encouragement. While talking with your physician is always recommended, unfortunately not all physicians are knowledgeable about nursing techniques. Reaching out to a doula, lactation consultant, or La Leche League leader with any questions can be very enlightening. 

If you have chosen to use formula, you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. You have chosen this path for your own reasons, and those reasons are no one else’s business. Be sure to research the different formulas and bottles and speak with your pediatrician to find the best option for you.  

Doulas can do so much more than help women during childbirth! Care for Mom Doula Services helps moms and families before, during, and after birth. Please contact us for more information about our services. 

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